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1. The water used for washing hotel towels is hard

One reason why hotel tassels round microfiber beach towel factory price turn yellow is that the washing water is hard. The unsoftened water will contain a lot of organic and inorganic salts. These ionic salts include calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and manganese ions. During the washing process, it will deposit on the fabric and even enter the fiber. As the number of washings increases, the amount of deposition will increase. As a result, hotel towels become grey and hard. If groundwater is used, the phenomenon will be more serious.

2. Rinsing is not clean when washing hotel towels

1. Poor detergent quality or low dosage
This reason is one of the main reasons wholesale large round cotton mandala beach towel. The use of poor detergents does not completely wash the clothes. For a long time, the accumulation of dirt and the residue of detergent will turn the clothes yellow. Therefore, not only professional detergents are needed, but also laundry workers need to master the dosage, time and temperature of detergents.

2. Rinsing is not thorough
When using a fully automatic industrial washing machine to wash, there is a rinsing procedure after washing. If the amount of rinsing water is insufficient or the rinsing time is too short, it will cause incomplete rinsing and the washed dirt will evenly adhere to the Washing the fabric will also cause the fabric to turn yellow.

3. No dechlorination treatment after using chlorine bleach
Some textile mills will bleach with chlorine-containing bleach 100% cotton hot promotional bath towel quotation, but if the dechlorination process is not carried out, chlorine will remain on the fabric, causing yellowing of the linen.

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