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It should extend from the bottom to a high position, and the anti-seepage plastic geocells factory price should not be pulled too tight. When laying on the slope, the direction of the film should be basically parallel to the maximum slope line. Taking into account the actual situation of the project, the laying order of slope is from top to bottom.

During construction, every effort should be made to avoid the stones hitting directly. The joint treatment of anti-seepage wholesale biaxial geogrid construction is a key process, which directly affects the anti-seepage effect. It is best to carry out the protective layer construction while laying the film, so that the laying work can be successfully completed.

The two adjacent longitudinal joints should not be on a horizontal line, and the longitudinal joint should be set at a speed of 1.50m or more from the dam foot and the bent foot. Weld seam lap inspection Check the film into the machine Start the motor Press welding. Should be staggered by more than 1m from each other.

General seam lap: the width of the lap should be greater than 15cm; it should be sewed during the laying process. Hot welding is suitable for a slightly thicker 3D geonet factory price base material, and the width of the weld lap is not less than 5CM to prevent impermeability Geomembrane achieves the best working efficiency.

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