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All hotel linens have a certain service life. In addition to the normal washing of cotton fabrics, hotel laundry rooms must also maintain and maintain cotton fabrics to maximize their service life and reduce their loss rate. If it is used beyond the time limit, there will be serious damage to the towel series. Putting it into use after the damage will affect the service quality of the hotel.

The hotel customized multicolor hotels and families 100% cotton bath towel will be damaged: small holes, broken edges and corners, folds off, thin and easy to break, the color becomes turbid, and the softness of the towel is reduced.

When the above situation occurs, the towels should be replaced in a timely manner considering the causes. Generally speaking, the washing times of cotton fabrics are approximately:

120-150 times of cotton sheets and pillowcases,

Cotton personal high-end customized design luxury hotel 100% cotton towel 110-140 times,

Table cloth and mouth cloth 120-130 times.

The towel factory teaches you how to control the loss of towels and extend the service life of hotel customized 100% cotton white jacquard bath towel?

1. Use the detergent correctly, master the reasonable feeding time and temperature, understand the basic characteristics and use methods of the detergent, use the dechlorination agent to remove the excess chlorine in time, and neutralize the residual alkali with the neutralizing agent

2. Avoid direct contact of pure cotton fabrics with strongly acidic or corrosive chemicals;

3. Do a good job of sorting before washing, including the sorting of 100% cotton jacquard bath towel factory price and linen and the separation of debris;

4. Be careful during towel collection and transportation to prevent secondary pollution and accidental breakage;

5. Avoid "fatigue use", that is, washing multiple times on the same day, so that every day will accelerate the shortening of towel life. It should have sufficient rest time, at least more than 24 hours, that is, after washing, take a day off, and then use it the next day;

6. Check the machine frequently to prevent secondary pollution and man-made damage. The loading capacity should be appropriate when washing (80% ~ 85%). Too much or too little will affect the cleanliness and wear of the towel;

7. Before washing operation, empty machine should be checked for sharp and iron debris in the machine drum;

8. Classification of old and new cozy textile design jacquard textile bath towel, natural damage and abnormal damage of old towels should be treated separately, and the length of dehydration time should be different for different strengths of new and old towels.

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