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Many buyers are not very clear about the difference between customized workwear and spot goods. In our life, as long as you pay more attention low price China hemp cotton T-shirt, you will find that many of the goods we buy are customized or ready-made. Ordinary work clothes worn by ordinary workers also have customized products and spot products, but there are differences between the two companies. It is usually customized by large and medium-sized enterprises, and the purchase of spot products is chosen by most small enterprises.

Factory uniforms are uniforms that can display occupational characteristics and show the identity, duties, tasks and behavior of the wearer. Factory uniforms are used to distinguish groups of clothing. The purpose of wearing factory uniforms is to show the collective image and play the role of overall unity, beauty and symbol.

Work clothes are mainly tailor-made work clothes for customers wholesale hemp cotton T-shirt made in China, so that employees can show their mental outlook. At present, many manufacturers are not doing well in the production of work clothes (large or small), and employees are not properly dressed. So work clothes are too wide or too narrow to look good. The ideology and personal image of employees should also be reduced, which has an adverse effect on factories and enterprises.

In addition, if employees wear work clothes, it is easier to reflect the corporate image. If they do not pay enough attention to work clothes and work clothes tailoring, they will not be able to make suitable work clothes for employees. For some people, a size of custom-made clothes varies in size and is not good to wear. Therefore, this is mainly to improve the company's image and show the company's cultural connotation.

So, what is the difference between tailored workwear and spot goods? In fact, these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and cannot be generalized garment dye hemp shirt. The following is the customized clothing produced by the Guangzhou workwear manufacturer to illustrate the difference between workwear and spot goods.

1. On-site work clothes
As the name implies, ready-made work clothes are readily available and must be readily available. Customized work clothes are usually more popular. In order to be universally applicable to the public and specific to individuals, the style factory price hemp shirt wholesale, fabric and size will not be satisfactory. For employees of small businesses that are not demanding, they can fully meet the needs. In some scattered industries, workers will also purchase one or two sets for protection. The amount is relatively small and there is no regularity.

2. Customized work clothes
Customized work clothes is an agreement signed with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will send technicians to customize the work clothes. Customization may actually have meaning for DIY, that is, in order to meet personalized needs, a large-scale apparel company is specifically searched for customization. Can make uniforms and corporate culture, employees and grades perfect combination to achieve satisfactory results.

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