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The dry season project must be carried out on time to repel the good root cause or do other things. Geotextile laying should not measure materials. Determine the moisture content of the gravel aggregate, change the ratio of concrete to ratio, and mix the concrete .. The dry season project should not be prepared to prevent rain and dumping. When the polyester geogrid factory price is used for project construction, it must be poured. Drizzle may require compression of the water-cement ratio and a short awning on the surface of the warehouse to prevent the river water from becoming concrete. Inside the warehouse.

If there is no initial setting of the surface mortar or sputum after the rain, the construction mortar can be added after the future project, otherwise the rules should not be refused, and the rain will be poured slowly. In the dry season irrigation project, there is no need to answer the useful strategies of wholesale polyester geogrid watering and land strategy, and minimize the time after rain stops; post-rain projects should not use strategic packaging filling materials, such as drying and re-pressing soil materials. The water content is the best. When filling, the surface of the compacted layer forms a steep structure to facilitate drainage and other strategies. At the appropriate time, it is necessary to re-examine the appearance of the composite geomembrane, the geotextile will wait for quality inspection to kill time.

We all tell geotextiles that they have many characteristics such as low temperature resistance, cold resistance, and aging resistance. However, what impact will they have on the selection process? Let us understand it together and hope to help you. Protective effect: When the soil intrudes into the flow, the uniaxial plastic geogrid factory price can obey deformation, stretch, confession or understanding, prevent the soil from being damaged by torque, and protect the vegetation.

Interruption of the trial period: cutting the building materials with polyester staple fiber needle-punched geotextiles has a different physical nature. Make the same or various materials without shrinking. Do not mix the overall layout and function of the geotextile with the supporting materials to make the building more powerful. Anti-abrasion: Polyester staple fiber needle-punched high quality uniaxial plastic geogrid composite geomembrane is a common rock-soil mixture. It is widely used for the reinforcement of high-speed railway embankments, the maintenance of highway asphalt pavement, the protection of activity halls, the protection of dams, the separation of water conservancy buildings, the shoals of caves, the tidal flats in coastal areas, cofferdams and protection.

The above is the trial explanation of geotextile. Our construction products have important skills of predecessors. We have a lot of common sense.

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