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The towels we usually use look simple, in fact, there are many kinds of towel weaving processes. The different patterns of outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel factory price need to be woven through different processes. Let's take a look with the editor of the towel factory:

1. Plain weave
The warp and weft yarns are woven in a one-on-one manner, with many interwoven points, and the warp and weft threads are tightest. Therefore, the plain weave fabric has the strongest texture and the smoothest appearance.

Second, the spiral
The loops are long and the loops are spirally processed in the bleaching and dyeing process. The loops have good water absorption, soft touch, high density and washing resistance, but the pattern of the jacquard spiral is not clear. General spiral products are woven with 16s single yarn.

1. It can increase the square meter weight of outdoor instant cooling microfiber ice cool towel factory. The woven towel is thicker. The feel is full, the jacquard has no clear lines, and the pattern with large uneven surface adopts single-sided jacquard.

2. The fiber is more refined than 16s. During the use of the guest, the water absorption is better. Fully meet the requirements of foreign hotels for towel water absorption.

3. Satin file
The display area of ​​the towel fabric is usually plain weave, and some special fabrics are also used. The pattern is beautiful and novel, which is called platinum satin. It can clearly display the hotel's logo, etc.

The advantages of platinum satin products: 16s or 21s is longer than 32s / 2, and it has good water absorption. Generally, when hotels use jacquard jacquard store labels, they will feel uneven, the logo effect is not obvious, and it is easy to break when washing. Both ends of the microfiber ice cool towel factory are broken, and embroidery can be embroidered at the broken position, which can highlight the hotel logo. In addition, the embroidery thread can use various colors of embroidery thread. This kind of thread does not fade, so the hotel logo can be embroidered in two colors The guests staying in the hotel can be distinguished when using it, and the hotel can also be washed separately during washing. Disadvantages: Embroidery will be slightly deformed when washing at the broken position, and the size will change a little.

4. Jacquard
Carry out jacquard craft operation on the raised part of the microfiber printed ice cool towel manufacturer, according to the needs of customers, put forward various beautiful patterns, ingeniously display the hotel's LOGO, store logo, etc.

5. Ultra high density
The increase in warp and weft density means that the density of the interweaving points also increases, which directly improves the jacquard effect of the towel. The specific performance is as follows: the hotel logo in the towel has a clearer outline and higher definition, and the expression of the store name is more delicate and more It is helpful to accurately convey the connotation of the overall pattern, highly reproduce the original style of the store name and logo, and enhance the image of the hotel with more realistic visual effects.

6. Cut the terry of ordinary towels to make the surface of the fabric covered with flat fluff. The cut terry China microfiber ice cool towel factory can be cut on both sides, or on one side, and the other side is still terry. Conventional are single-sided cut pile, disadvantages: easy to fluff when washing. Cut velvet towels are soft, comfortable to use, and more absorbent and softer than ordinary towels.

7. Yarn-dyed
Towels woven from different colored yarns.

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