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There are a lot of water conservancy projects in our country, and the establishment of the project is more and more important. In view of its benefit to mankind and the whitewashing of the situation, the use of the water conservancy engineering facilities may play a better role, unless it is What kind of new style of civil engineering construction materials, may wish to replace some of the old construction materials used in Japan, also has extremely good reputation, so it has been praised by many people, then next, let’s get to know each other, After all, what kind of useful effect does polyester nonwoven geotextile manufacturers have? Geotextile is a new material used in geotechnical engineering

In view of the extremely sophisticated construction process of the polypropylene nonwoven geotextile for sale, it is built with some special materials. Usually in the construction of some water conservancy projects, it may be useful for filtration, drainage, isolation, etc., so it is used in the water conservancy construction process. Among them, maybe who is well isolated from the picture, in addition to the reflexion of water, it may also play a good role in filtering, its use is not only a good use of skills in every water conservancy project, in addition to the industry It may be used in order to protect the natural situation, because the price is not high, and the weight is light, the transportation is extremely simple, and the laying is simple.

At the joints and cracks of the old cement concrete pavement, the new asphalt concrete overlay on the top of the high quality polypropylene nonwoven geotextile will show the corresponding cracks within a short period of time. In the implementation of flexible pavement structure combination design, when laying the surface layer on the semi-rigid lower layer, the route with higher level should be suitable for thickening the surface layer or laying geotextile or adopt other actions to reduce the reflection cracks. Geotextiles used on asphalt pavement are mainly geotextiles with excellent functions such as glass fiber polyester anti-cracking geotextile. The use of geotextile as the sandwich material of the old concrete pavement with an asphalt overlay is one of the useful actions to prevent reflection cracks. However, the function of the sandwich material will directly affect the effectiveness of anti-reflection cracks.

What we must mention here is that polypropylene nonwoven geotextile manufacturers has high anti-corrosion use and high-strength use value. In view of whether it is in dry conditions and wet conditions, it is Maybe it has good stretchability, even if it is pulled by gravity, it is not simple to break, so it is extremely durable. In view of the use of geomembrane in the construction of water conservancy projects, it is usually in a humid environment. The high-strength corrosion-resistant use supplements its service life. Being immersed in water for a long time will not affect its effectiveness.

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