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Features of technical specifications for maintenance bentonite geosynthetic clay liner factory price: light weight, low cost, corrosion resistance, excellent performances such as filtration, drainage, isolation, and reinforcement. Uses: widely used in water conservancy, electric power, mines, highways and railways and other geotechnical engineering:, filter materials for soil separation; drainage materials for beneficiation of reservoirs and mines, drainage materials for high-rise building foundations; anti-scouring materials for river dams and slope protection Reinforcing materials for railway, highway and airport running road bases, reinforcing materials for road construction in swamp areas; frost and frost-resistant insulation materials; 6, anti-cracking materials for asphalt pavement polyester geogrid manufacturers. Application areas: Reinforcement for backfilling of retaining walls, or panels for anchoring retaining walls. Build a wrapped retaining wall or bridge abutment. Reinforce the flexible pavement, repair cracks on the road, and prevent reflection cracks on the pavement.

Increase the stability of gravel slopes and reinforced soil to prevent soil erosion and soil freezing damage at low temperatures. To increase the pressure step by step, the isolation layer between the ballast and the subgrade, or the isolation layer between the subgrade and the soft foundation. The isolation layer between artificial fill, rockfill or material field and foundation, and the isolation between different frozen soil layers. Reverse filtration and reinforcement. The filter layer of the initial upstream dam face of the ash storage dam or tailings dam, and the filter layer of the drainage system in the backfill of the retaining wall. The filter layer around the drainage pipe or around the gravel drainage ditch. Filter layer of water well, decompression well or baroclinic pipe in hydraulic engineering. The isolation layer of high quality uniaxial plastic geogrid between the road, airport, railway and artificial rockfill. The earth dam is drained vertically or horizontally, buried in the soil to dissipate the water pressure in the void. Drainage at the lower part of the anti-seepage geomembrane surface or concrete protection surface in the earth dam or earth embankment. Eliminate the water seepage around the tunnel, reduce the external water pressure on the lining and the water seepage around the buildings. Drainage of artificially filled ground sports ground. Highways (including temporary roads) are used to strengthen weak foundations in railways, embankments, earth-rock dams, airports, sports fields and other projects uniaxial plastic geogrid for sale. Barrier and anti-seepage of roads; root-base barrier, reverse filtration, drainage, soil slope, retaining wall and pavement reinforcement and drainage of highway, railway and airport runway; soft foundation disposal of port engineering.

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