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According to the factory direct sales, before laying the waterproof bentonite geosynthetic clay liner factory price, it is necessary to measure the laying range and determine the splicing method of the laying material, and to inspect the surface of the site to be installed with the quality inspection unit or on-site supervision.

When laying geotextile, roll the roll material from top to bottom, first slope and then the bottom of the warehouse, and ensure that the laying is smooth. Lay the geotextile on the slope, anchor the geotextile at one end, and then put the coiled material down the slope to ensure that the polyester geogrid manufacturers is in tension. When laying the bottom geotextile, use stones to temporarily bury the pressure during the laying, and keep it until the next step of construction. The joints must be strict, and the geotextile under the membrane should be paved and passed the project supervision and acceptance before proceeding to the next procedure.

Waterproof geotextile can be used in water conservancy projects, such as sea embankment, river embankment and lake embankment compliance projects; as well as reservoir reinforcement projects, reclamation projects and flood prevention and rescue. Waterproof high quality uniaxial plastic geogrid can also be used in highway, railway and airport projects. In this respect, it mainly includes soft foundation reinforcement treatment, slope protection, pavement anti-reflection crack structural layer, drainage system, and application of greening isolation belt. Waterproof geotextile can also be used in electrical engineering, such as nuclear power plant foundation engineering, thermal power ash dam engineering, hydropower station engineering, etc. For the application technology of geosynthetic materials, the country from anti-seepage, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, etc. In terms of aspects, standardized technical requirements have been put forward, and the pace of promotion and application of new materials has also been greatly accelerated.

Do product protection well. Filament uniaxial plastic geogrid for sale are not easy to be exposed to sunlight for a long time. Pay attention to product protection during storage and construction. Use plastic film or other coverings for sun protection and waterproof treatment. At present, various projects of farmland water conservancy are also being started one after another. Filament geotextiles are also starting to become popular in this industry. Visiting custom geotextiles, we welcome you with excellent quality and excellent service.

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