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In order to improve the speed and quality of non-woven high quality plastic geocells, the non-woven geotextile and geotextile are stitched together and rolled into bundles. The length of each bundle is consistent with the width of the dam foundation. The width of the bundle is preferably 10~15m. Fix it, then release the bundle at the other end, fix it at the end, and then lay the gravel material in time. The shallow water area is directly laid manually, and the deep water area can be laid by the boat. The effect is very good.

Geotextile, also known as plastic geonet manufacturers, is a geosynthetic material made of polyester staple fiber through or weaving. It is one of nonwoven and industrial non-woven products. It is a new type of geotextile used in civil engineering. . The general width is 1-6 meters, and the mass per unit area: 100g-800g/m2. The length is 50-100 meters. Geotextile is divided into woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile. Geotextile has excellent filtering, drainage, isolation, reinforcement, anti-seepage and protection functions. DZRZTGCLW

White high quality plastic geonet is a material with high tensile strength, while soil is a material with low tensile strength. The combination of soil and geosynthetic material can improve the ability to bear the load. The degree of strength increase depends not only on the strength of the geosynthetics, but also on the friction between the geosynthetics and the soil. Reasonable addition of tensile materials (geotextiles) to the soil can change the stress distribution in the soil and constrain the lateral deformation of the soil, thereby improving the stability of the structure. Geotextiles of different specifications, if they cannot be covered in time after laying and are exposed to the atmosphere, receive ultraviolet radiation for 30-180 days to reach aging until they cannot be used.

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