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Before running the rice noodle machine, you should cut off the power and release the brake of the centrifuge. You can try to rotate the drum by hand to see if there is any seizure.

Check other parts for looseness and abnormal conditions juice pouch filling machine.

Turn on the power and start driving counterclockwise.

Generally, each equipment must run empty for about 3 minutes after arriving at the factory, and it can work without abnormal conditions.

The materials should be placed as evenly as possible.

It must be operated by a dedicated person, and the capacity must not exceed the rated capacity mango pulp maker machine.

It is strictly prohibited to overload the machine, so as not to affect the service life of the machine.

After the machine is started, if there is an abnormal condition, it must be stopped for inspection, and it must be disassembled, washed and repaired if necessary.

The small centrifugal rice noodle machine runs at high speed when it is working, so you must not touch the drum with your body to prevent accidents.

To ensure the normal operation of the yuba machine electric sugarcane juicer machine, please refuel the rotating parts every 6 months. At the same time, check whether the bearing is running smoothly and whether there is abrasion; whether the parts in the brake installation are worn or not, seriously change; whether the bearing cover has oil leakage.

After the machine is used, clean it up and keep the machine tidy. When liquidating oil residues, you must be careful. Don't liquidate them while failing to liquidate them, otherwise you will deviate from the center of gravity and cause vibration when you work.

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