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There are many types of rice noodle machines. Different types of rice noodle machines are different. These differences are manifested in different technologies, application effects, power systems, etc., here are separate oil purifiers, yuba machines juice pouch filling machine, The difference between the oil residue separation machine and the vacuum rice noodle machine is stopped.

The separate oil purifier is coalesced into larger droplets through the coalescing filter element, and then sinks under the action of gravity, and then passes through the separate filter element to complete dehydration. The yuba machine is operated by an oil pump, and the separation of water and oil is not affected by temperature.

The yuba machine uses the centripetal force generated by the metal disc drum to complete the separation of water and oil mango pulp maker machine. The yuba machine can remove free water but not emulsified water. The yuba machine can be driven by an oil pump or a high-speed centrifuge and a drive motor. The yuba machine needs to be equipped with a heater, so the temperature control is stricter.

The oil residue separator is to use dry filter media to absorb and separate electric sugarcane juicer machine. The oil residue separator can remove local free water and emulsified water and filter the oil at a temperature of 40℃.

The vacuum rice noodle machine mainly uses vacuum technology, and the vacuum filter is used to complete the dehydration. It can remove free water and emulsified water, relying on the operation of import and export oil pumps and vacuum pumps, and generally requires a heater.

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