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If the yuba machine emphasizes the cleanliness of the oil and uses a fine filter, it will increase the operating cost of the rice noodle machine. Because: (1) The filter element is often clogged, and it needs frequent cleaning and even replacement of the filter element juice pouch filling machine. (2) Increase the axial pressure so that the oil can pass through the filter screen faster, but the filter element is often crushed. (3) The preheating oil tank is added to increase the temperature and reduce the viscosity.

The filter accuracy of the yuba machine is selected as: (1) Insulating oil, choose 1~5μm. (2) For smooth oil and turbine oil below 46﹟, choose 10-20μm. (3) Choose 20-50μm for internal combustion engine oil and gear oil.

The yuba machine equipment container and pipeline are made of stainless steel 304, and the filter element is an imported stainless steel filter element, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance mango pulp maker machine, corrosion resistance, and high filtering accuracy. The high-precision rice noodle machine can filter the insulating oil of NAS5 grade to NAS2 or above through two to three times, and it can reach NAS1 or above after multiple filtrations. It can also be used in series with the original vacuum oil purifier to directly improve the particles of the oil. Degree accuracy level.

The yuba machine is mainly used in electric power departments and industrial and mining enterprises to dispose of unqualified transformer oil, transformer oil, switch oil and other insulating oils, and can work on-site. It can also be used for vacuum oiling of transformers and various damp power equipment electric sugarcane juicer machine. The main function is to remove trace moisture, gas and mechanical impurities in the insulating oil, and improve the characteristics of the insulating oil.

The high-precision rice noodle machine integrates vacuum flash drying technology, coalescing separation technology and "layered and denser" high-efficiency fine filtration technology. This series can efficiently remove water, impurities and harmful gases in the oil, improve the flash point and withstand voltage, and install it in parallel with waste oil regeneration to accelerate acid removal, decolorization, reduce dielectric loss, acid value, and further improve the insulation strength of the oil.

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