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1. How to choose a household tofu machine?

Capacity, according to the number of users to determine how large capacity you need to buy tofu machine, 3~4 people suggest to choose 2.2L, more than 4 people should choose 3.5L, otherwise it will not be enough.

There are many functions of the home tofu machine, such as heating, intelligent reservation automatic candy tablet press pill machine, and making all kinds of tofu. We must be sure which functions we need, and there is no need to choose the functions you don't need.

The material, depending on the appearance and material of the tofu machine, I like it or not. It is recommended to choose stainless steel material, which is not only durable, but also more hygienic for cleaning.

Blade, the tofu machine blade feels the crushing effect of beans commercial flower cotton candy floss making maker machine, a good tofu machine should have the qualifications to produce delicate and fragrant soy milk.

Operational performance, operational performance is very important for household tofu machine, because making tofu is a complicated thing, if you buy a household tofu machine that is not well designed to operate and troublesome, you will not be willing to use it when you buy it home Tofu.

Brand after-sales, a good tofu machine brand is everyone’s recognition of its quality peanut brittle flatting machine. After-sales, intelligent electrical appliances, we must pay attention to its after-sales service, and ask for warranty cards, invoices and other information when purchasing.

2. Precautions for the use of household tofu machine:

A key link in the application of the tofu machine is to boil the new tofu cloth in alkaline water for about 1 hour, otherwise the skin will be rotten or not peeled off when peeling; when installing, first install a leakage protector on the main power supply Because there is a lot of water flowing in the tofu workshop, if there is electric leakage, people are likely to get an electric shock. When installing the unit, a ground wire should be installed on each unit, which can play a role in safety maintenance.

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