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A set of intact oil press production line, first of all, need to stop breaking the shells of raw materials automatic candy tablet press pill machine. Here, a shelling machine is needed. There are also kinds of shelling machines. The commonly used peanut shelling machine is also called peanut peeling machine. Shell machine. Regarding the need to soften the raw materials to stop softening, softening means to stop soaking, soak the hard into soft.

Secondly, as for the raw materials that need to be steamed and fried, the steaming and frying should be stopped. For example, peanuts and sesame must be stopped for steaming and frying. After steaming and frying, the taste is more fragrant commercial flower cotton candy floss making maker machine, which is what we are talking about for the strong flavor. The oil output rate of the steamed and fried rice will be higher. At this time, an automatic seed frying machine is used.

Third, our protagonist is about to play, put the raw materials into the oil press equipment to stop pressing. Nowadays, many oil presses are multi-function all-in-one machines, that is, one machine can squeeze a variety of raw materials, and the operation is more convenient. This is our main product: the screw press.

Fourth, the refining equipment stops refining the crude oil squeezed from it peanut brittle flatting machine, and the refined oil is brighter and purer. Some users use the vacuum rice noodle machine that comes with the automatic screw oil press, and the oil filtering effect is also good. Because of the need to change the filter cloth, many old users choose more advanced yuba machine, centrifugal oil filter, fast convenient. Two methods can be freely matched according to your needs.

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