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The oil press produced by our company is a new type of oil press developed to meet the needs of the market. According to our observations, many customers look at the oil press and do not know what the oil press I really want is. Yes, I knew I wanted to buy an oil press, but when I came to the factory automatic candy tablet press pill machine, I found so many that I didn’t know what to choose. The tip--how to buy an oil press?

(1) First of all, what kind of oil do you want to squeeze, for example: peanut oil press, sesame oil press, rapeseed oil press, sunflower seed oil press, automatic oil press, screw oil press, small hydraulic oil press Oil press. Since no oil press is omnipotent, such as the peanut oil press and the sesame oil press, the structure of the oil press and the power of the oil press are different automatic material mixing machine. The oil presses currently on the market There are two types at all, with many varieties and different functions.

(2) If you are a large-scale oil processing plant and need to purchase a complete set of oil press equipment consumption lines, please call us directly. Our company's professional complete sets of oil press equipment will answer for you, and we have rich experience in complete sets of oil presses.

(3) If you want to open a small workshop and buy a screw oil press peanut brittle flatting machine, you have to decide which oil press to choose based on the oil you want to press. The method is to find a more professional oil press company, communicate with the technical staff, explain what oil you want to buy the oil press, and then the oil press sales engineer will contact you and recommend the appropriate oil press for you According to our oil press sales experience, it is found that many oil press users purchase oil presses for the second time and do not know how to choose an oil press.

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