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The automatic noodle machine is used to process flour into dried noodles. There are four main steps: mixing noodles, pressing noodles, cutting strips and drying. After a series of operations, the noodles are dried and formed into different thicknesses flat lollipop forming machine. Article. Let's take a look at the details of each step:

Mixing noodles: Mixing noodles is a step process and an important step in processing noodles. When mixing noodles, the water content of the noodles should be controlled. The water content should be determined according to the gluten degree used pillow shape candy packing machine. The mixed noodles should be loose It is granular and can form a dough when held by the hand, and it is suitable to be loosely restored by rubbing it quietly.

Noodles: Noodles are pressed by multiple noodle rolls of an automatic noodle machine. Regarding the adjustment method of noodle rolls, the thickness of the initial noodle sheet is usually not less than 4-5mm, and the added thickness before compounding is 8- 10mm, the dough sheet formed by the latter press is less than 1mm, and the dough sheet is compacted and pressed. The thickness of the noodle sheet can be adjusted according to practical needs candy roll cutting and forming machine. We mentioned earlier about the adjustment method of the noodle machine pressure roller. You can look at the relevant adjustments.

Noodle cutting: The pressed noodles will be cut into noodles with different thicknesses by a noodle cutter. The specifications of the noodles are determined by the noodle cutter. The quality accuracy and improper device of the noodle cutter will make the noodles appear lumpy and may also make the noodles. The molding is not good. There is a cutting knife under the noodle knife, which can cut the noodles horizontally. The cutting length of the noodles is determined by its rotation speed and can be adjusted according to needs.

Drying: The cut noodles can be dried naturally or using special drying equipment to dry the noodles, and then the noodles can be cut into short and different noodles by the noodle cutter.

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