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Since oil extraction is only a short-term processing every year in some regions, the rapeseed is harvested for one or two months, and then the oil press is in a long-term vacation state. If the machine is used every day, the better it will be, the smoother it will be. I am afraid that if it is not used for a long time, it will age and rust, and it will be troublesome to use it in the next year. So is there a good way to make the oil press not rust and aging for a long time?

The machine will help you to answer the method of preventing rust and aging of the oil press for a long time: if the oil press is parked for a long time, the external grease should be removed, the oil residue of each part should be cleaned, rust-proof oil should be applied pillow shape candy packing machine, and the press cage should be covered with oil cloth Live in order to prevent dust and debris from entering the gaps between the rows and garden rows, affecting the next use.

All components of the newly-purchased fully automatic screw press should be completely liquidated. Pull out the main shaft, remove the upper squeezing cage, and use emery cloth to polish the surface, inner and outer surfaces of the snail and the screw feeder. Add lubricating grease to all the smooth parts. The type and grade of the lubricating oil added in the gear box should meet the requirements in the clarification book. After the round row is polished and bright, it must be arranged in the original position when installing the machine, and cannot be misaligned, because the arrangement position of the round row has a great relationship with the second oil extraction performance. After the circular row machine is installed, it is compressed with a compression nut candy roll cutting and forming machine. The compression level should be such that the disc can crawl when the oil is pressed. After the oil press equipment is processed above, it can be fixed on the foundation with anchor bolts. When installing, the pulley of the motor should be aligned with the pulley of the oil press, the position is appropriate, the direction of rotation is correct, and the tightness of the transmission belt should be adjusted properly.

After the empty load is normal, prepare about 50kg of rapeseed or soybeans and prepare to put them into the hopper. Note: The feed should not be too fast at the beginning of the squeeze, otherwise the pressure in the press chamber will suddenly increase, and the press screw shaft will not be able to rotate, forming a blockage in the press chamber, and even breaking the press cage, causing a serious accident. Therefore, when the contraction begins, the feed should be slowly put into the feed hopper to stop the oil press from running in. Repeat this repeatedly for more than 3 to 4 hours, so that the temperature of the oil press gradually rises, and even smoke (this is a normal phenomenon). The temperature of the pressing chamber is low at the beginning of the pressing, and it can be turned slowly flat lollipop forming machine. The handle on the stud can increase the thickness of the cake, and at the same time increase the water content of the pressing material. When the temperature rises to about 90°C, after the oil press works normally, the thickness of the cake can be adjusted to 1.5~2.5mm, and the fastening nut is tightened.

When the automatic oil press is started, the current of the motor will be 5-6 times higher than the rated value, which will not only affect the service life of the motor but also consume more electricity. The inverter system of the oil press is designed in the motor selection There will be a certain margin, the speed of the motor is fixed, but in the process of practical use, sometimes it needs to run at a lower or higher speed, so it is very necessary to stop the frequency conversion transformation. The frequency converter can complete the soft start of the motor, achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation by changing the input voltage frequency of the equipment, and can provide the equipment with maintenance functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and overload.

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