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What problems should be paid attention to when starting the small oil press. Before the oil press is put into practice, the first thing we have to do is to familiarize yourself with the working principle of the oil press and make preparations for the use of the fully automatic oil press special lollipop production line. Whether the car between the various parts of the oil press can be abnormal, whether the parts can be damaged, etc., these all require our body to make preparations. If there is an abnormal situation, correct it in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The main points before starting the screw press:

1. Fill the gear box with 8-15 kg of oil before starting the machine.

2. Before starting the machine, add the appropriate moisture content of about 6-8% with dry cakes (provided by yourself), mix and feed them into the hopper press chamber, polish the press chamber, and start feeding. The dry cakes should be slow and not too strong flat lollipop forming machine. Too dry, otherwise the pressure in the press chamber will increase suddenly, causing blockage in the press chamber and causing a machine accident.

3. If the water temperature in the press chamber is suitable, there will be a good pressing effect, so try to increase the press chamber temperature before the formal pressing. The method can be either hot-scrambled raw material or dry cake mixed with heated water, feed slowly, repeat the mill, wait until the temperature rises until the surface is hot (about 120 degrees), and then stop normal pressing.

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