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I think everyone is familiar with the towels in daily life. Although the styles, fabrics, and colors are various, the functions are all the same. In addition to washing your face and bathing, an ordinary towel has other uses? Don't worry, Jiangsu Tengyu, as a professional towel brand sublimation printed sports towel manufacturer, will give you a secret today. There are many other uses for towels.

Hot towels can relieve eye fatigue
For some office workers, they are prone to eye fatigue due to daily computer operations. Cover your eyes with a hot towel for 5 to 10 minutes each time, twice a day. This is a great help in relieving eye fatigue.

Invisible fire equipment
If there is a fire accident, the towel also has the function of fighting the fire and self-rescue. When escaping from the fire scene, you can use the Wuben Wanyi series of super absorbent microfiber cooling towel in bottle factory, folded eight layers to cover the mouth and nose to block the smoke; if the nozzle of the gas tank leaks and catches fire, use a wet towel and turn off the valve to extinguish the fire; none in the fire scene When the road can escape, use a wet towel to block the gap between the door of the house to prevent heavy smoke from entering the room; wave a brightly colored towel at the window as a distress signal; tie a rope to help yourself, and wrap a wet towel on your palm to prevent the rope from sliding Friction and heat burn palms.

Lazy artifact towel slimming exercise
Doing towel exercises every day can effectively stretch and warm the body, which is very beneficial to weight loss. A towel can help you shrink abdomen and thin waist, and at the same time can play a deep involvement, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, thereby increasing the basal metabolic rate. May wish to use a towel to assist the lower body for compression and stretching before going to bed, which can not only sculpt the body curve, but also make you sleep more sweetly.

Dust the woolen coat with a wet towel
First spread the woolen coat flat on the table, use a thicker towel, soak it in warm water at about 45°C, take it out without twisting it too dry, stick it on the woolen coat, and beat it with your hands or a wooden stick wholesale all-purpose personalized instant cooling relief cool towel. The dust on the woolen coat is adhered to the towel, then the towel is cleaned, and then it is covered on the coat and beaten. Repeat this several times to remove the dust on the coat.

Old towel DIY creative household items
The towels looked very good when they were first bought, and they were wasted due to partial damage. You can find out these old towels and cut them into a nice, soft, and absorbent foot mat.

The use of towels can be so wide, does it open the door to a new world of towels? Hurry up and jot down these little tricks and start to unlock more correct ways to open the towel.

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