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The status of composite geomembrane:

1. It integrates ground waterproofing and drainage pipes, in addition to prevention and ribs.

2. Compound compression resistance wholesale HDPE Liner made in China, high compression resistance, and puncture resistance.

3. The drainage pipe works hard, with large friction and low linear expansion coefficient.

4. Good anti-aging, wide and stable integration into working temperature range.

5. Good ground waterproofing: The density of the density pressed polyethylene natural epoxy glue selected for the composite geomembrane is made of co-extrusion ability, with chemical formula relative density, low liquid water absorption capacity environmental geomembrane for sale, and the expected effect of ground waterproofing is very good.

The construction of the construction project is simple and time-saving, which is conducive to transportation: the composite geomembrane is light, and the output is in a disk shape, which is conducive to the flexibility of the paving on the spot, and can fully consider the requirements of different construction sites.

Excellent in physics and organic chemistry: composite geomembrane is resistant to aging aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers, UV light, good resilience, puncture resistance, low plasticity, small thermal deformation, organic chemistry, low temperature resistance, bitumen resistance, oil and nicotine , Resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other chemical solutions.

The composite geomembrane chooses the expected goal of new ground waterproofing, but the production process is more researched and fast, so the production cost is lower than the traditional commercial membrane.

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