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Wholesale galvalume steel coating steel coil is a new material produced by extensive demand in China in recent years, aluminized zinc plate, aluminized zinc plate, aluminized zinc coil plate, commonly referred to as CCLI. It is by having the aluminized zinc plate of anticorrosive performance more than galvanizing (55% aluminized, 43% zinc and 1.6% silicon) the product that makes through surface degreasing, phosphating, complex acid salt treatment as the base plate, besmear on organic coating course to bake.

In the variety of aluminized zinc plating, alloyed aluminized zinc plate was developed by thermal diffusion treatment after plating. At the same time, the evaporation amount of zinc during spot welding is reduced, and the pollution degree of zinc vapor in the copper electrode of a spot welding machine is reduced. In order to ensure the alloying galvalume steel coating steel coil coated with good adhesion, for car use plate thicker alloying galvalume steel coating steel coil adopted effective measures for heating and cooling, and equipped with various types of alloying sensor, through analysis instrument and computer instructions timely adjust the structure of the coating in the corresponding, suitable for high stamping deformation demands.

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