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Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional APE-40 drill grinding machine supplier, we produce APE-40 drill grinding machine is the sharpening machine for twist drills – step drills-countersink – taps–counterbore – spot drills – reamers, this machine can grinding drills taps and so on. APE-40 drill grinding machine use, it’s a manual machine. Drill, tap, countersink cutter and step drill can be ground on APE-40 drill grinding machine without extensive training. Spiral point drill pointer, the vertical grinding wheel makes web thinning very easy. APE-40 how to grind the drill, six-jaw chuck with high accuracy guarantees the run-out a drill deserves.

APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine Use Product Features

1. This machine’s standard accessory is precision 6-jaws chuck, it’s suitable for the drill machine to grinding the drills and taps conveniently. And easy to operate. It is suitable for people who have no experience in operation and can be proficient without long training.

2. The vertical wheel center electric spindle for split point and paint thinning. Also, it’s made of the control panel and wheel dresser diamond ct. 0.5, halogen lamp and so on. The number of cams in this machine is 4.And also the safety standard is CE.

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