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PP-100 Universal Mill Grinding Machine Product Features

1. PP-100 universal mill grinder, the grinding of drill shovel back and cross edge can be completed in one time, and the grinding of tap cutting cone and tap groove can also be completed in one time, thus eliminating the replacement time of grinding wheel.

2. The precision six-jaw chuck is used in the working head of the machine tool, and the back of the shovel can be ground once. The shape, angle, and length of the back of the two shovels after grinding are identical, which ensures the accuracy of the drill bit.

3. The grinding wheel dresser is directly mounted on the machine tool, and the grinding wheel can be dressed online. In addition, the machine is equipped with water cooling device to cool the drill bit in grinding so as to ensure that the drill bit does not anneal after grinding, and with an automatic grinding motor, a device to realize automatic grinding, which saves labor and improves production efficiency.

Longitudinal table moving distance: 160mm

Horizontal table moving distance: 180mm

The vertical adjustment range of grinding wheel shaft: 160mm

Grinding wheel head rotation angle: 360°

Drill bit angle: 40°-180°

Grinding wheel speed: 3,600 rpm

Motor: 1/2 HP, 110V/220V/380V

Net weight / gross weight: 280 kg / 300 kg

Packing volume (length × width × height): 1000 mm × 950 mm × 1530 mm

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