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Product Application of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine is an economic machine which is developed for the domestic and international customers' requirements, ensuring machine rigidity and precision, and highlighting the convenience and flexibility for the operator, with a great reputation in the domestic and international market. 

Main Features of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1. Extremely rigid construction by the excellent bed structure design even though the small size, through more than one year natural aging for all casts, with stability and non-deformation feature. 

2. The grinding head achieves the spindle lifting and angle adjusting is a flawless combination of precision, rigidity, and dexterity. 

3. Swing mechanism utilizing ball-screw by a servo motor smoother, more stable and more durable. 

4. Range of oscillation, swing frequency and central position of the swing arm mechanism can be adjusted on the control panel during the working time, improve the production efficiency. 

5. Humanized design elements such as lateral cabinet facing electrical cupboard & stand-alone workstations, afford efficient machine floor space, plus ease in operation and maintenance. 

6. Spindle motor inverter produced by the Fujitsu Company of Japan. 

7. The pneumatic system uses Japan SMC Products which improve the stability and operation life, to achieve rapid movement constant pressure and flexible grinding. 

8. PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine with magnification between 7-45X, the CCD system, and industrial LCD Monitor enables on-line monitoring and measurement. 

9. Linear Grating is installed in the work table, meanwhile, angle encoder is installed in the vertical part, combine with CCD system to do the online measurement. 

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