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Main Features of BT-150M tool grinder

it is necessary equipment for computer engraving machine and Engraving Milling machine and CNC center;

it is specially designed for sharpening various diameters, shapes, angles of carving knives, round knives, straight shank cutter, end mill, drill, lathe tool, engraving cutter and so on; it is with good precision, competitive price, on skill request.

Grinding of dies, twist drills, electrodes, gravers, live centers, etc.

Various angles and adjustments allow taper, cylindrical and central grinding of graving tools

Solid construction ensures rigorous, long-lasting precision

Head features 24 rests for grinding of polygons on dies or electrodes Wide range of standard accessories, such as chuck for twist drills, end mills or turning tools, diamond wheel,  collets as standard

BT-150M tool grinder Ideal for grinding of graving tools (engraving cutter)

Precisely, vibration-free driven grinding spindle guarantees optimal results.

Demina a professional BT-150M tool grinder supplier, welcome everyone to come and buy.

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