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Applications of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine is a very versatile machine model. The wide abrasive belt head is capable of sanding down and removing the bigger burrs on the parts or using it for the whole surface finishing purpose such as No.4 finishing. The planetary abrasive barrel station that consists of 4 abrasive barrels (2 in clockwise rotation, and 2 in counter-clockwise rotation) will further rounds the edges and the contours. It is suitable for parts from laser cutting, punching, shearing, and etc, generally with small/medium burrs and sharp edges. It produces a much more consistent result of deburring and edge rounding in significantly higher efficiency than using manual tools. There will be no more metal dust just dispersing into the air, which will be efficiently extracted from the machine.

Machine characteristic overview of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1.Dry operation

2.Wide abrasive belt head for sanding out the burrs or surface finishing

3.PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine type abrasive barrel station for further edge rounding, 4 abrasive barrels, and planetary rotation

4.Vacuum conveyor table to accommodate small parts, smallest parts available 30x30mm

5. Planetary abrasive barrel station will only focus on the edges and contours of the parts, minimum effect on the whole surface

6.Capable of processing minor formed/profiled parts

7.The long life span of consumables

8. Straight forward and user-friendly operation

9.Auxiliary LED lighting inside the machine

Ideal parts of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1.Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and etc.

2.Parts with protective vinyl film (the machine will not damage the film, therefore protect the surface underneath)

3.Working thickness range from 0.5mm-100mm

4.Carbon steel parts that require a large radius on the edges

Optional configuration of PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine

1. Additional wide abrasive belt head(s) on the front for sanding down heavier burrs or for high hardness alloy material is available, for example, 2 wide abrasive belt heads.

2. Additional wide abrasive belt head(s) on the back for straight-line surface finishing is available, for example, 1 wide abrasive belt head after the planetary abrasive barrel station.

3. For carbon steel parts that require large radius (for example 2 mm radius) on the edges, optional two units 4 abrasive barrel station in a row is available.  

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